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Come hang out with the cast!

The Unbalanced Encounters official Discord channel is a place where we come hang out with our fans and chat about the show.

Listen With Us

Come listen to new episodes with us the day they drop, and discuss thoughts, theories and ideas. Patrick 100% promises not to steal any of them.

Peek Behind The Screen

Co-work with us while we plan our next session. Get feedback from us as well as the rest of the Unbalanced Encounters community while we vibe to some lo-fi.

Share Your Stuff

We're all friends here! Share stories and homebrew from your homegames, fanart for the show, picutres of your pets* or literally anything else!

*If you have a pet, you are legally required to share a photo. Those are just the rules.

Bonus Stuff For Patrons

Patrons of the show get access to a private chat where you can access bonus content such as short stories or full session videos!