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Meet The Cast

Our story follows four leaders of the village of Rally: Harisa a wayward sharpshooter, Guard, a ceramic automaton, June, the jejune daughter of the town's founder, and Isaac, Rally's hapless chief. Together they tend to take things from bad to worse.

Cinderblocksally in a wizard


Cinder is a streamer, homebrew critic, and inter-dimensional being residing primarily at

Craig Pate

Isaac Axedrummer

Craig is a TikToker, weightlifter, and the chaddest nerd you know. He rants from his car at

Sam Oliver

June Snowthorne

Sam is an actual-play aficionado and professional ceramicist. The fruits of her labor lie at

Emily Greymoore

Safra Harisa

Emily is a DM, storyteller, and illustrator. She has been called the queen of D&D TikTok by at least two people:

Patrick Perini

Dungeon Master

Patrick is an author, composer, and obsessive DM. He does things, and sometimes remembers to post them at

Meet our Guests

Aside from the main cast, Unbalanced Encounters has had some amazing guests on our adventures

Want to guest on the show? Send us a message!

Sayer Roberts

Melmanon Lapingnon and House Composer

TW Clawson

Phlanagin (Mr. Favor) Harlock

Ibraheem in a green shirt

Marvelous “Marv” Marabeth

About Unbalanced Encounters

Unbalanced Encounters is a table-top roleplaying show, where everything is improvised. We use play sessions as the source material, soundscapes and an original score to produce something in between actual play and audio drama.

With the environmental urgency of Studio Ghibli's Princess Mononoke, the goofs and gaffs of The Adventure Zone, and a brilliant original score — Unbalanced Encounters promises a fascinating world, hours of soaring elation and moments of captivating heartache.

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